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Mine Design, permitting, procurement, contract preparation, letting and supervision on projects covering all the areas noted above. Experience and responsibility for surface and underground construction projects including earth- and rockfill dams, leach pads, backfill and shotcrete plants, process, office and dry structures.
Geological Geological projects include exploration, development, geological engineering data collection and instrumentation, slope and underground rock mass characterization and stability, foundations and soil and rock mechanic stability analyses.
Hydrological Hydrological experience includes exploration, water production and monitoring, grouting, dewatering and various diversion and impoundment structures, including lining systems.
Environmental Environmental projects have entailed concurrent and closure reclamation, including capping and remediation. Active and spent reagent, fuel and lubricant handling systems have been designed, constructed and operated, along with chain of custody tracking.
Maintenance Maintenance includes pump stations, shaft fittings and accessories, shops, fuel and bulk liquid delivery systems.
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