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Blind Benching

Exploration Adit

Exploration Adit
Mine Mine and infrastructure design and construction, along with method selection and mine evaluation. Cave line and draw control engineering. Design, construction and operation of backfill and shotcrete systems, dust suppression and collection, water, compressed air and fuel and reagent delivery systems.

Design and excavation of pits, quarries, construction of tails, earthfill and rockfill dams, waste dumps, leach pads and roadways. Engineering and supervision of aggregate, sand and clay manufacture, along with construction materials testing.
Geological Rock and soil mechanics experience including ground characterization, geotechnical drilling, instrumentation and physical testing. Ground support design, foundation, slope and dam stability.
Hydrological Permeability/transmissivity analyses, dewatering, runoff, sedimentation and evaporation control. Adit plug and grout cutoff ring designs. Liner and containment design and construction for water, fuels and bulk liquid commodities.
Environmental Leach pad rinsing and capping; capping of tails. Air and water quality permitting, acid mine drainage, concurrent and final reclamation. Chain of custody tracking.
Maintenance Stationary equipment maintenance engineering of hoists, ropes, skips, cages, fans, pumps, compressors, crushers and conveyors. Support of backfill, shotcrete, aggregate plants, shops and infrastructure.
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